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In the Style of Isamu Noguchi.

Dining Table in the style of Isamu Noguchi

In the upcoming Wright Auction sale “Design” slated for December 14, 2017 in Chicago, is an amazing sculptural dining table possibly by Isamu Noguchi Lot #131.  This extraordinary dining table of solid Rosewood, Walnut and Copper is an unsolved mystery and lacks a direct attribution to the famous mid-century sculptor.  The design of the table is exactly the same as one Noguchi created for one of his most important clients Mr & Mrs. Samuel Dretzin summer house in Chappaqua, NY. in 1948. The important differences between the original Dretizen table and the one offered by Wright Auctions is the grain direction of the trapezoid top and the butterfly joinery inlayed into the edge.  Both pieces had the copper planter inset into the top that can be removed and fitted with a wood cover.

In the style of Isamu Noguchi.

In the style of Isamu Noguchi. Wright Auctions Chicago. Dec. 14,2017. Lot 131 Estimate $10,000 -15,000. Circa. 1951. Photo courtesy Wright Auctions.













Noguchi Dining Table

Mr & Mrs. Samuel Dretzin Residence, Chappaqua, NY. 1951. Original Noguchi Dining Table. Cloud Chandelier. Location unknown. Sydney Kaltz Architect. Ezra Stoller Photography

The original table as seen in the photograph of the Dretzin Residence from 1951 clearly shows the original table with the grain running the length of the top. The edge detail is plain with no visible detail. The whereabouts of both the Dretzin Table and the amazing Cloud chandelier designed by Noguchi hanging above it are not known.  Only adding to the mystery!

The dovetail key in the edge of the top is really interesting because it is such a cabinetmakers detail and not very reminiscent of Nouchi work in its style.  I wonder if the detail is hiding a tongue and groove or a spline used to join the tops together. The single table top in solid Rosewood at over 10ft in width would be really expanding and contracting during the changes in seasons.

In the style of Isamu Noguchi

In the style of Isamu Noguchi. Photo courtesy of Wright Auctions. Chicago.

The sub top construction is extraordinary in its conception and execution. It is both architectural and boat like in the same breath.

In the style of Isamu Noguchi

Detail of Dovetail keys used as both a functional and decorative element along the edge of the Rosewood table top. Photo courtesy Wright Auctions.



The Missing Finn Juhl Coffee Table

The Missing Finn Juhl Coffee Table

A virtually unknown “unique” table designed by Danish Architect/ Furniture Designer Finn Juhl (1912-1989) is coming up for Auction after remaining in a private collection for 70 years. The table by Finn Juhl is being sold by the Danish Auction House Brunn Rasmussen on Sept 25, 2017.  The  “Dream Table” is the star of the Nordic Masters Sale #873 Lot 1006 with an estimate of $32,000 to $64,000.

Finn Juhl coffee table

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