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Chair Model No. DRB15

Chair Model No. DRB 15

Chair Model No. DRB 15  is composed of American Cherry solids with African Wenge back splat and polished  Stainless Steel banding. The hand tied traditional sprung seat is shown in fine Cognac brown hide.  The curved cherry back rest was glued up to the required thickness and band-sawed on a taper.  The back rest blank was also positioned on a compound angle on the saw table so that no glue line was visible on the face,  disrupting the pattern of the wood grain.  The back splat is veneered in beautiful dark African Wenge and traced with a banding of polished stainless steel.  Polished stainless hex key fasteners are used as both functional and decorative elements. The tapered Cherry back legs are splayed on a compound angle to give the chair an elegant stance. Please click on images to enlarge.

Chad Womack Chair Model # DRB15 June 2015_0258 web

Chair Model No.DRB15 in Cherry, Wenge & Stainless Steel

7 Drawer Desk in Walnut & Parchment

7 Drawer Desk in Walnut & Parchment.

The 7 Drawer Desk in Walnut & Parchment was inspired by the interest in modern furniture from France in 1930’s the 1950’s. This period of design is frequently described as “40 French Furniture”.  In the late 1990’s when I was V.7 Drawer Desk in Walnut & ParchmentP. of Design and Product Development at John Widdicomb Co. in Grand Rapids, Michigan,  I produced a number of furniture collections based on this wonderful period of design.  Designers of the 40’s period looked back on the opulent French Louis XVI Cabinet Makers and reduced the bronze ornamentation but kept the silhouette.  The French designer Jean-Michael Frank is the acknowledged master of the distillation of  18c French interior design.  Frank used parchment not only furniture but covered entire rooms with square panels wrapped with the skin.  The 7 Drawer Desk is constructed of solid American Walnut with Parchment covering veneered panels. The walnut top is fitted with a recessed parchment panel that has a glass panel over the top for protection.  The Greek key style pedestals are cantilevered over the open plinth. Polished Stainless Steel drawer pulls are graduated in size on the drawer fronts. The left pedestal features a unique drawer that functions as a small lock box and is illustrated below.

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Painted Room Divider featuring Stain Glass Windows

Painted Room Divider featuring Stain Glass Windows

Painted Room Divider featuring Stain Glass Windows

Built-in Room Divider

Painted room divider featuring stain glass windows. The cabinet was designed to create a visual display case for the client and to let light thru to the stairwell behind it.  The windows were selected from their collection of antique stain glass window’s that they had acquired over the years.

The neo-classical style cabinet features a cornice that rests on four columns that are headed by Capitals I designed based on 9c Temple Mayan Temple of Turtles in Yucatan Mexico. The columns are traced with delicate 3/16″ walnut bead moulding.  The Walnut bead moulding was also used to fix the stain glass window’s in place.  The idea of using the walnut was to mimic the lead framing used in the construction of the antique windows.  The cabinet is finished identically on the reverse side.

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Painted Room Divider Featuring Stain Glass windows

Capital design based on the Myan 9c Temple of Turtles

James Wyatt Dressing Tables

Dressing Tables in the Style of James Wyatt


Wyatt Dressing Table

Dressing Table with Temple in raised position


A pair of hand painted & water gilt dressing tables in the style of the  18c English Architect James Wyatt. The cabinets feature fitted interiors in Cuban Mahogany and dyed black deer skin. The center drawer pulls out for a Neo-Classic Temple in exotic wood to rise from the interior of the center compartment. The temple was based on the design of the garden temple of Heveningham Hall in Suffolk England.  The end compartments feature unique quadrant pivoting drawers. The decoration of the painted ornament decoration was inspired by the ornamental decorations and drawings of James Wyatt

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Clear Desk in American Walnut

Clear Desk in Solid American Walnut

The Clear Desk is handmade in solid  American Walnut and is fitted with two drawers on each end. The drawers fronts feature beautiful inset circular Stainless Steel drawer pulls.  The back of the desk is finished so that can be used in the middle of the room or against the wall.  The finish is a hand rubbed oil and waxed to a satin luster.  The dimensions are Length 54″x Width x 24″ x Height 30″.

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Clear Desk in American Walnut

Custom Oak Entry Door for Historical House


Custom Oak  Entry Door for Historical House.

The Custom Oak entry door and flanking sash windows were designed and custom made for a 1905 House located in Traverse  City, Michigan.  The design of the door was based on the existing pair of doors at the front of the house. The doors are part of a new rear entry porch and mudroom designed by Ekocite Architecture of Royal  Oak, MI for this important historic house. The door is 90″ H x 36″ W x  2.25″ thick.

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