Hope 19c English Regency Style Coffee Table

Hope Coffee Table

Hope 19c English Regency Style Coffee Table

The table is designed in the Early 19c Regency Style of English Architect Thomas Hope and the wood selection was inspired by my client’s passion for collecting and sharing amazing rare violins. The table dimensions. Length 54″ x Width 28″ x 21″ Height. Please click on images to enlarge. 

The table is made from a selection of woods that are all used in a construction of violins and violin bows.  The rectangular top is centered by a field of highly figured fiddle back Maple that used in making the back of the instrument.  The maple is framed with a black, white, black  inlay line of Ebony and Holly.  This is like the purfling that traces the border edge of the belly and the back of the body.  The wide mitered banding of Pernambuco wood is used in the making of the finest violin bows.  The tops outer border is in Cocobolo Rosewood.

The top rests on scrolled supports centered by a hand carved fan motif. The shape of the scrolled supports re-creates the F- holes that are cut on either side of the bridge to allow the sound to escape.  The lower shelf is framed in Cocobolo around a field of Pernambuco.  The whole rests on turned spool feet.   

Revised End View  revised corner view

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