The Missing Finn Juhl Coffee Table

The Missing Finn Juhl Coffee Table

A virtually unknown “unique” table designed by Danish Architect/ Furniture Designer Finn Juhl (1912-1989) is coming up for Auction after remaining in a private collection for 70 years. The table by Finn Juhl is being sold by the Danish Auction House Brunn Rasmussen on Sept 25, 2017.  The  “Dream Table” is the star of the Nordic Masters Sale #873 Lot 1006 with an estimate of $32,000 to $64,000.

Finn Juhl coffee table

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Finn Juhl

Finn Juhl

The table designed in the early 1940’s features an unusual painted palette shape top and is fitted with tambour compartment painted on the interior for holding tobacco. The top also features a circular zinc compartment with a fitted glass lid and a zinc plate inlaid on the opposite side of the top. The table base is in what we know as characteristic  Finn Juhl style.   The table base is described as being made in Cuban Mahogany but from the first photograph, it looks more like American Walnut?  The table was made by Niels Vodder for the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers Guild Exhibition. Design Museum, Denmark 1945.  The watercolor drawing is not dated, shows a series of holes in the top for holding pipes but was not included in the final design.

Finn Juhl Table

Finn Juhl Water Color of the Table

Finn Juhl is unique in this period of Danish Cabinetmaking for his departure from Kaare Klint School of Danish Modernism.  Klint who was head of the Royal Danish Academy School of Architecture and Furniture Design emphasized drawing from classical forms and was challenged by Finn Juhl’s inspiration of  Modern Art.   Juhl’s furniture designs with their sculpture forms are clearly inspired by modern Dada artists like Jean Arp. It is interesting if you look at the table as a whole object, it is a combination of tradition cabinetmaking and a piece of sculpture.  Juhl blends the two contrasting themes by deftly painting the underside of wood box construction in the same color as of the top. Who would see it! This is a work to be seen from all sides.

Finn Juhl table

Top Detail

Finn Juhl

Bottom of box painted

Finn JUhl Table

Cabinetmakers Exhib. 1945

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Great Video of the “Dream Table” produced by Brunn RasmussenAuction House



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