Wright Oak Dining Table

Wright Oak Dining TableWright Oak Dining Table

The Wright Oak Dining Table with bread board style top was inspired by 20th Century American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The table was designed for the dining room in a new house in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. The craftsmen style top and spindle base draws inspiration from Wright’s early 20c. designs. Maybe best described as his Oak Park style.  The angular 15/30 degree butterfly ends with thru tenon compound miter joints relate to Wright’s later more angular Usonia style Architecture and furniture designs.   Dimensions 90″ Length x 42″Width x 29″Height.

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Wright Oak Dining Table



Wright Oak dining Table


Detail of the base assembly is shown in No.3 Not the large thru tenon on a compound angle at the bottom of the king post.





Wright Oak Dining Table


Wright Oak Dining Table



The full-size base mock-up of the table in Pine that I created to develop the design. The foot detail shows a variation on the final leg. No.4

Original Frank Lloyd Wright table in copper from the 1950’s that inspired the design. No5.





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